Momentary Vitality

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Music: "Fog" by Nosaj Thing

The most significant aspect that Nosaj Thing's Fog presented me to work with was its strong rhythm. Instead of moving flowers or building up larger sequences to the rhythm as I have done in other videos, I focused on integrating the rhythm through precise control of the timing of the footage, making them "dance" in unique ways. In addition, I added what many had previously reqeusted, that is, the reversing of the footage to show the flowers coming back to life. Doing so not only adds another dimension to the video, it brings up the reality of how life and death exist only in a deeply intertwined dialectic.

I chose to structure the grander sequences in this film on patterns found in the plants themselves instead of using my imagination to make arrangements that simply look nice aesthetically without referencing to anything deeper. Thus I made three sequences based on the Fibonacci number, a mathematical concept that determines many phenomena in nature, the first being a recreation of a sunflower head, and the last two showing the infinite quality of Fibonacci spirals. The other sequence derived from a natural pattern is based on a picture taken with a microscope of a cross section of wheat which shows its internal structure. By using techniques such as these I hope to provide a glimpse into the scientific narratives of the plants.

Almost all of the flowers featured in the film have never been used before, as they are from the new specimens I acquired during the Spring of 2012. In addition to the many individuals who have contributed flowers, institutions or associations I would like to thank are Sage Garden Herbs, Shelmerdine Garden Centre, the Manitoba Orchid Society, the University of Winnipeg, Assiniboine Park Conservatory, and Roy's Florist. These institutions/associations are all from Winnipeg, Canada.