Momentary Vitality

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A while ago I saw the NFB classic Zea, which is based around the popping dance of a corn kernel. I thought it would be a good exercise to limit my palette to one genus or family instead of using plants from all over the plant kingdom. I realized that the zucchini family (Cucurbitaceae) would be a perfect match when I first reviewed footage of zucchini petals desiccating, and in doing so revealing their intricate venation! The process of creating a film with a limited palette was difficult at times, but resulted in a more structured piece. I was so happy to find a place to use the footage I have of the intricately veined zucchini petals, squash leaves which dry out in a beautiful patchwork-fashion, and the flailing tendrils of the wild cucumber plant.

The name Pepo comes from the scientific name for the zucchini plant, which is Cucurbita pepo.

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Music: "Hughtopia" by Moody Amiri