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My name is Joel Penner, and I live in Winnipeg, Canada. For much of my life I've had a love for plants and photography.

A few years ago I had been playing around with time-lapse photography and scanner photography, and thought to combine the two. This technique has given me untold amounts of joy as I've meticulously studied the strange motions that thousands of plants have performed as they dry up.

I want to spread this wonder-based way of approaching the world. If you are a an educator, contact me about how you'd like to approach using this material in an educational setting. If you'd like me to present on the types of categories outlined in the Desiccation Encyclopedia at a venue, email me.

Contact me by email at, or via the Facebook page.

Photo by Daniel Crump

Beauty in the Slow Decay / The Uniter
Momentary Vitality / Stylus Magazine

Project Stats as of October 2013:
1,540,000 individual images, across
2,730 specimen time-lapse sequences, comprising
23.5 terabytes of data, spanning
10 hard drives (plus mirrors!!)

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